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Jayelle's Kitchen Table

No, *I'm* the reason for the word "Witch"!

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11 March
80s music, abortion, abortion debate, abortion prevention, activism, adult literacy, afro-caribbean religions, alice borchardt, alt-country, alternative rock, anti-racism, athena, atmosphere, ayn rand, beading, bisexual rights, bisexuality, bisexuals, cartoons, cats, censorship, civil liberties, civil rights, comparative religion, consistent life ethic, corporate censorship, cosmetics, crafts, creole, dan the automator, del tha funkee homosapien, depression, dilbert, dixie chicks, dyscalculia, dyslexia, economic censorship, elizabeth bathory, eminem, fashion, fay weldon, feminism, femme, first amendment issues, florida, free expression, free speech, free-speech feminism, freedom of speech, gay and lesbian issues, gay community, gay history, gay rights, goddess, gorillaz, graphology, greek mythology, gypsies, gypsy, haiti, handwriting analysis, helen fielding, hellenism, hip-hop, history, hungary, hypatia, individualism, interfaith, jurassic 5, kevin harvick, learning disabilities, lesbian, lesbianism, liar's poker, libertarian, libertarianism, liberty, lilo and stitch, lysander spooner, magick, magyar, makeup, margaret atwood, marketing, missy elliott, muzikmafia, mysticism, n.e.r.d., nascar, neko case, neo-paganism, neptunes, occult, occultism, orlando, outkast, paganism, pagans, pandas, parody, perfume, plus-size, polytheism, practical jokes, pro-life, pro-life feminism, pro-prevention, psychological disorders, psychology, queer by choice, queers, racism, rap music, reading, reality tv, religion, religious debate, romany, satire, sex, sex positive, shopping, sinead o'connor, southern hip-hop, spongebob squarepants, squirrels, styles of beyond, survivor, sweet potato queens, swimming, syncretism, the boondocks, the future is wild, the roots, the simpsons, underground hip-hop, victoria woodhull, vodoun, voodoo, wigger, witchcraft, witches, women's history, writing, wu-tang clan

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